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In a remarkable fusion of faith and rhythm, Sherwin Gardner, a Trinidadian singer now based in the Bahamas, has not only captivated gospel music lovers but also made a significant mark in the dynamic world of TikTok influencers. With a career spanning over four decades, his latest hit, “Find Me Here (Blessings Find Me),” has propelled Gardner into an unprecedented spotlight. This track has not only surpassed a billion views on TikTok, aligning him with digital phenomena like Zach King and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but it has also marked a historical moment as the first gospel song to achieve this feat, resonating with audiences across the globe.

Since its release in January 2024, “Find Me Here (Blessings Find Me)” has been a revelation in the music industry, amassing 1.1 billion TikTok views, 9.2 million digital streams, and inspiring over 2.2 million user-generated creations. The Afrobeat track’s success brought Gardner to the Manhattan offices of his distributor ADA, part of Warner Music Group, to celebrate this monumental achievement.

The impact of the song goes beyond the numbers. With shoutouts and shares from a diverse array of celebrities like Alicia KeysEVEYolanda AdamsTeddy RileyKel Mitchell, and Tabitha Smith, it has resonated across the spectrum of entertainment. Gardner’s initial intention was modest – a 46-second affirmation for New Year’s Day, expected to reach perhaps a hundred people. The explosive response ignited a bidding war among giants like Sony, Island, and Universal Music, compelling Gardner to rapidly expand his brief clip into a full-length track. This unexpected journey from a short video to a global sensation underscores Gardner’s innate musical talent and adaptability, inspiring artists and music enthusiasts alike.

This unexpected journey from a short video to a global sensation underscores Gardner’s innate musical talent and adaptability. Collaborating with Kenyan musician Julius Nana for arrangement and taking on the roles of vocalist, mixer, and producer, Gardner showcases the essence of independent artistry. His label, Flow Masters, in partnership with Tyscot Records and distributed by ADA, has seen “Find Me Here (Blessings Find Me)” climb the charts of Billboard Magazine, highlighting the global appeal of gospel music infused with Afrobeat rhythms.

Looking ahead, Gardner is not resting on his laurels. He is currently working on an album of Afrobeat songs titled Found, which will be released later in 2024. This project promises to further explore the vibrant intersection of gospel music and Afrobeat, underlining Gardner’s role as a pioneering force in the genre while sparking anticipation among his fans and the music community.

Sherwin Gardner’s story is not just one of musical success but of breaking barriers and setting new precedents. His journey from a simple New Year’s affirmation to a global gospel phenomenon showcases the power of music to cross boundaries and connect people worldwide. For more information on Sherwin Gardner and his groundbreaking work, visit

Witnessing the trajectory of Sherwin Gardner’s “Find Me Here (Blessings Find Me)” has been nothing short of inspirational. This story proves the unexpected ways music can evolve and impact the global stage, particularly in an era where digital platforms can catapult artists to new heights overnight. Gardner’s blend of gospel and Afrobeat paves the way for future artists to dream big and break records. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this remarkable artist’s journey into uncharted territories of musical innovation and success.


Fharnell M.